Residents Help Military Build Public MCK in Timika, Papua

Residents of the Mandiri Jaya District of Wania Timika, Papua Province, enthusiastically helped Military (TNI) soldiers in building toilet washrooms (MCK) in the 105th TNI Manunggal Pembangunan Desa (TMMD) program. So far, residents in this village do not have private or public toilets on Thursday (07/11/2019).

Even if there are only a few families, most of them do it at times or rivers. It is known that Mandiri Jaya Village is a newly formed village so there are still minimal public facilities.

The lack of public facilities, especially MCK, spurred people’s enthusiasm to help the TNI. Residents are busy helping lift bricks, water and other building materials.

So far, the government has paid less attention to the residents so that the presence of the community TMMD program is very grateful. Development in the village is the result of community self-help and only a small part is built by the local government.

This Mandiri Jaya village is located on the outskirts of Timika, but the condition is very worrying. Development in the village is the result of self-help from the community and only a small part is built by the local government.

Community leader of the Mandiri Jaya Village, Elias Murib, said that this village had not received special treatment from the Mimika Regional Government. Citizens can only be pasra and survive with the existing conditions.

The entry of the TMMD program is very helpful for citizens because it touches and the benefits are directly felt by the community. “We are grateful that the TNI implemented the 105th TMMD program in Mandiri Jaya Village and built three public toilets,” Elias said.

Source: sindonews

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