Pertamina Presents the One-Price Fuel in Dogiyai, Papua

PT Pertamina (Persero), the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas) inaugurated a distributor of Compact Gas Station 86.68809 in Bomomani Village, Mapia District, Dogiyai Regency, Papua on Tuesday (9/7 / 2017).

The inauguration activity was attended by the Head of the Legal Bureau of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hufron Asrofi, Pertamina Retail Fuel Marketing Region Manager Fanda Chrismianto, and Dogiyai Regent represented by Mapia District Chief Yohanes Butu.

Region Manager Retail Fuel Marketing VIII Pertamina, Fanda Chrismianto in his speech explained that the One-Price Fuel point in Mapia District was the first One Price point present in the Dogiyai District, Papua as an embodiment of energy justice and fulfillment of the fuel needs of the Dogiyai community.

“The Price Point in Mapia District is a manifestation of the state’s presence in providing a sense of justice in terms of providing energy, especially fuel oil or fuel to remote areas,” Fanda said in a press release on Thursday (07/11/2019).

Before the establishment of the Compact Gas Station in Bomomani village, local residents bought fuel at prices ranging from Rp. 10-15 thousand / liter outside the official channeling agency. Meanwhile, the closest official channeling agencies are at a distance of 30 km.

The presence of the One-Price Fuel point is also inseparable from the support of both Central and Regional Governments that have supported the establishment of gas stations starting from the licensing stage. Therefore, Fanda hopes that the public can make the best use of this Compact Bomomani SPBU, especially since it was built by the sons of the Mapia region itself.

“From now on, residents of Mapia District can easily get Fuel at the same price as in Jakarta, Surabaya, and other regions in Indonesia, namely Premium IDR6,450 / liter and Solar IDR5,150 / liter. In the future we will also introduce BBM products types of Pertalite and Pertamax,” said Fanda in his speech.

Meanwhile, the Head of Mapia District, Yohanes Butu also expressed his appreciation to Pertamina, the ESDM Ministry and also BPH Migas for trying to bring the One Price Fuel Point again in the Dogiyai District, especially in the Mapia District.

“We represent the Dogiyai Regency government to greatly appreciate the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, BPH Migas and Pertamina who have supported the One-Price Fuel program in the Mapia District,” said Yohanes in his remarks.

He added that the Mapia District area has around 17 thousand residents, so that in the future, there will be another Compact Gas Station that stands in its territory.

Meanwhile, the Head of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hufron Asrofi, in the inauguration of the Compact Gas Station stated that the One-Price Fuel program was a manifestation of the government’s commitment to provide equitable energy for the community in accordance with the 5th principle of the Pancasila.

“The 2016 One-Price Fuel program launched by the government began in Papua. Since it was first announced, a total of 163 spots have been operating from a total of 170 One-price Fuel points targeted by the end of 2019. Mapia District One Point, Dogiyai is Satu “The 34th price has been inaugurated from a total of 40 points in 2019,” Hufron said.

He hopes that all parties can synergize in supervising the implementation of the One-Price Fuel program in the Dogiyai District and specifically for the residents of Mapia District to help maintain security around the SPBU area, especially not to smoke around the gas station area.

Compact Gas Station CV. Eguwai Diti 86,988.09 in Kampung Bomomani is the first One Price BBM point in the area of ​​Dogiyai Regency, Papua and managed by Indigenous Papuans. Supply Point comes from Nabire BBM Terminal with a distance of approximately 200 km by taking land transportation. The products provided are Premium and Solar with 30 drum storage facilities.

Source: cnbcindonesia

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