Investors Prepare Biak as a Center for National Tuna Fisheries

Fisheries investors who are members of the Indonesian Tuna Association together with the Biak Numfor Regency Government, Papua, will prepare Biak as the center of national tuna fisheries to meet export market demands.

“Investors in the tuna association have met with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the National Industrial Economy Committee in Jakarta to discuss Biak as a fish center,” said Head of the Biak Fisheries Service, Effendi Igirisa in Biak, Thursday.

He acknowledged, in order to realize Biak as a center for tuna fisheries, investors needed the support of the Biak Numfor Regency Government by preparing land for ship transportation services and fisherman fish storage.

Effendi said the reason Biak was used as a center for National tuna fisheries was because of its abundant potential located on the edge of Pacific waters.

Another consideration of Biak is to be a center for tuna fisheries, which is because many indigenous Papuan fishermen in various villages have become fishermen who specialize in tuna fishing.

Effendi is optimistic that if the tuna fishery center program is realized in Biak Numfor District, it will have a huge impact on the income of fishermen fishing for indigenous Papuans.

“Yes, the catches of Biak tuna fishermen are directly bought by investors to be exported to various countries in Asia and Europe,” he said.

Based on the data, Papuan native fishermen who become tuna fishermen every day in Biak Numfor Regency are among them in Adoki, Binyeri and Samber Villages in the Yendidori district and several island villages.

Source: Antara

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