Indonesia and PNG are partnered to Monitor the Circulation of Illegal Products

The Food and Drug Administration has established a partnership with the Papua New Guinea authorities to oversee the circulation of products at the border, which is often the entrance to illegal products.

BPOM Head, Penny Lukito said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Thursday that the cooperation was to improve drug control on the border of eastern Indonesia.

“This is one of the concrete manifestations of the presence of the Government of Indonesia through BPOM, in supporting the Nawacita Work Cabinet program to develop Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening regions and villages within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia Unitary State,” he said.

He said by cooperating with stakeholders from various cross-sectors both from within and outside the country could increase the security of medicinal products in the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border region in the BPOM South-South Cooperation (KSS) program for Papua New Guinea.

Through the program, he said, BPOM explored the potential for cooperation and partnerships in the field of supervision and enhancing the competitiveness of medicinal products while at the same time increasing BPOM’s HR capacity in eastern Indonesia and the border.

Some of these activities, he continued, such as diplomacy technical training, protocols and international relations ethics were followed by the Head of the Central Office / POM and POM Agency Offices in the eastern region.

Penny said BPOM was also cooperating with the Papua New Guinea drug regulator authority.

“As one of Indonesia’s strategic partners in the Pacific region, the quality of the health of the people of Papua New Guinea is an important aspect that has not escaped the attention of the Government of Indonesia. Through SSC activities the POM wants to contribute to strengthening the drug control system in Papua New Guinea through assistance in developing drug monitoring capacity for regulators Papua New Guinea, “he said.

BPOM, he said, also encouraged the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry to be able to create and take advantage of opportunities to provide medicines that are safe, efficacious, quality and affordable for the people of Papua New Guinea, especially in Vanimo, which borders Indonesia.

Source: Antara

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