Become Favorite Border Tourism Destination in Papua, Keerom Introduces Purple Petatas

The nature of Papua has never failed to entertain every pair of eyes that see it. Interestingly, it is not only destinations in the city center, such as Jayapura, but border areas such as Keerom Regency are no less interesting. Moreover, the infrastructure of the border area has now been repaired, so that the Croosborder Festival is often held.

Furthermore, it is incomplete to come to the 2019 Keerom Crossborder Festival without trying its special culinary. Well, for this matter, Keerom has snacks made from purple petatas, which almost always makes every tourist curious.

For the sake of removing that curiosity, you need to come to the Keerom 2019 Crossborder Festival, June 21-23 tomorrow. This interesting event was held at Arso Swakarsa Field, Keerom. There, various preparations from purple petatas can be tried to your heart’s content.

“We offer a variety of snacks from processed Petatas Ungu. Petatas Ungu is often referred to as Purple Sweet Potato. This Keerom region produces a lot of Purple Petatas. With abundant production, we treat it into various snacks. Our products are often souvenirs from Keerom,” said Fresh UPPKS Advisor Makmur Arsopura Suminah, Thursday (6/20).

UPPKS Segar Makmur Arsopura has a gallery in Arso 4, Jalur 3B, Skanto, Keerom. Skanto is known as one of the centers of producing Purple Petatas. This raw material is then processed into 4 snack variants. There are Sticks, Chips, Dodol, and Ants Nest. They also developed Honey Mongso with the Purple Petatas raw material.

“All of it is done by ourselves. We bring the raw materials directly from the farmers. What is clear, this product has been requested for PON XX Papua later. All products will be displayed in PON. Because, our products are without preservatives. Some are very original,” Suminah board again.

When the 1st edition of the Keerom Crossborder Festival 2019, processed products from Purple Farmers occupy booth15. Purple Petatas Chips are made original, aka without any spice mixture. After cleaning and cutting, the raw material is immediately fried and then packed neatly.

“This Purple Petatas is indeed abundant in Keerom. With a little creativity, its economic value automatically rises. The snack with Petatas Ungu raw materials must be a souvenir when visiting the event,” said Deputy Assistant for Marketing Development I Regional III Kemenpar Muh. Ricky Fauziyani.

Besides Chips, Purple Petatas is also made Sticks. For this snack, Petatas Purple is processed with other raw materials. There are Wheat Flour, Eggs, Vanilla, Sugar, and Salt. The price offered is very friendly, which is IDR 25 thousand per 2 Ounces.

Ricky added, visitors to the Crossborder Keerom Festival can learn how to process various culinary ingredients from the Petatas Purple raw material.

“In addition to enjoying, visitors can also learn how to make snacks. At first glance it is not complicated. The raw material is familiar with our daily lives. It’s just that, of course there are some special treatmentsthat must be done so that the results are optimal,” explained Ricky.

Although it looks complicated, the raw material for the snack is indeed simple. For Ants Nest, the raw material is Purple Petatas, Palm Sugar, Granulated Sugar, and Vanilla. The price offered is around Rp. 15 thousand. Uniquely, the peculiarity of the snack has been heard until Yogyakarta as well as Kebumen.

“In addition to economic value, Petatas Ungu also has many advantages. The nutritional content is good,” continued Ricky.

In general, Petatas Ungu does have abundant nutritional content. There are carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, beta-carotene, and anthocyanin pigments. With its content, Purple Petatas can be a source of antioxidants that play a role against free radicals. Its function is broader because it is often used as a food coloring agent.

“Keerom is indeed very rich in produce. They are also innovative to produce a variety of processed products. These Purple hackers are indeed very familiar in Keerom. With these various potentials, this event and Keerom are certainly the best destinations. Please come to Keerom and discover the various wonders.” closed the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya who is also the best Minister of Tourism in ASEAN.


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