Asmat Residents Get Longboat Aid and Fish Catching Equipment

The Asmat District Marine and Fisheries Service (DKP), Papua, handed over 187 lobgboat and 15 PK machines to residents who were entitled to receive them.

The assistance was handed over directly to the Head of DKP Sukarno, at the new port of Cemenes Agats, Thursday (6/20).

In addition to longboats and 15 PK engines, assistance in the form of fishing gear was also handed over to residents.

“We also provide fishing gear such as nets with three types, namely, snapper nets, bulana fishing nets and shrimp nets,” said Sukarno.

The people who are entitled to receive this assistance are the target groups from DKP, including fish farming groups, fish management groups and fishing groups spread across 224 villages, from 23 districts in Asmat.

“In that group there are also 8-10 people who will manage the assistance that is given,” he said.

Assistance submitted in stages in June and July will come from Special Autonomy (Otsus) funds, and the General Allocation Fund (DAU) in 2018.

Sukarno also hoped that this assistance could be utilized better, and for sale because of course there would be sanctions. Because the purpose of this assistance is to improve the economy of the local community.

“The most important ones are used to meet their daily needs, and if there is more, fish caught can be sold on the market,” he said.

“The Asmat DKP Service continues to oversee groups that receive assistance, so there is no sale and purchase of government goods,” he added.

Sukarno added, Regent Elisa Kambu and Deputy Regent Thomas Eppe Safanpo had good intentions in encouraging fishermen in Asmat to get the same welfare as other community job professions.

Because, Asmat has abundant marine resource potential. It is on this basis that the regional government continues to give a touch to the community through training and assistance so that they fully understand how rich the Asmat sea is.

“Asmat has a myriad of habitats. The type of fish is fish, snapper, bull fish, sharks, stingrays and shrimp and crabs and a number of other marine habitats, “he concluded.

Source: seputarpapua

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