West Papua Encourages the Development of 10 Airports

The West Papua Provincial Government is pushing for the development of 10 airports and airports to spur growth in the tourism sector and other investments.

Head of the West Papua Transportation Agency, Agustinus Kadakolo in Manokwari, said on Friday that his party is preparing governor regulations as a legal basis for budget allocation.

“This year we are preparing the Governor Regulation, for 2020 we hope we can carry out physical programs,” Agustinus said.

The airports and airports that are encouraged to be developed include Manokwari Airport, the construction of a new Airport in Wondama Bay, Torea Fakfak Airport, an airport in the Arfak Mountains, South Manokwari and Raja Ampat Misol Airport.

According to him, these areas have strategic potential both in the field of tourism, economy and other potential.

For Manokwari Airport physical development activities have begun in 2018. Last year the Provincial Government allocated a budget to install bridge piles which will later become the location of the airport runway extension.

This year, the Provincial Government has not allocated a budget because it is still awaiting regulation.

“It’s not finished 100 percent because in 2018 it’s time to close. We will continue in 2020,” he said.

In Arfak Mountains, the provincial government also pushed for an airport runway at Anggi to be extended. That was done to ensure aircraft flight safety in the area.

“For Wondama Bay, a new airport will be built because the old airport is considered inappropriate because it is in the middle of a residential area,” he said.

The Wondama Regency Government is currently working to complete the process of land clearing. The environmental impact analysis (EIA) and the master plan for developing the new airport have also been completed.

“The possibility of clearing land next year. Hopefully it will run smoothly so that Wondama will soon have a more feasible airport to support tourism development,” he said.

A similar process is being carried out by the Raja Ampat District Government. The regional government is now finalizing the land acquisition process which will later become the location of the airport’s construction.

Source: Antara

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