Papua-West Papua Immediately Discusses the Sustainability of Special Autonomy Funds

Papua-West Papua immediately discusses the sustainability of special autonomy funds

The Government of West Papua Province and Papua Province immediately held a joint meeting with the central government to discuss the sustainability of the special autonomy fund for the two regions.

Assistant I for Governance of the West Papua Regional Secretariat, Musa Kamudi in Manokwari, on Saturday, said that the study of law 21/2001 on special autonomy for West Papua had been completed and the results had been submitted to the governor.

“We are working together with the NGO, the results of the study already exist and have been submitted to the governor,” he said.

He explained, the Special Autonomy Law still applies. What will end in 2021 is the disbursement of 2 percent of the general allocation fund (DAU) for Papua and West Papua following the enactment of the Special Autonomy law.

“We only do a quick study, we don’t do a thorough study to revise the entire article on the Special Autonomy law. It takes a long time and the process is quite long,” he said.

According to him, both Papua and West Papua still need budget support from the center to catch up with the regions. The Special Autonomy Fund sourced from the DAU is considered to be a solution to accelerate the development of the two regions.

“Regarding the evaluation of Special Autonomy Funds management that we have received so far, of course it will also be carried out. The provincial government wants all regions to utilize the funds optimally,” Musa Kamudi said.

The central government itself states that it is ready to continue disbursing special autonomy funds to the provinces of Papua and West Papua after 2021.

The Director General of Regional Autonomy at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Akmal Malik at the Special Autonomy Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang Otsus) in Manokwari, recently said that the special autonomy program is a government effort to accelerate development in regions that need more central government roles.

Like Aceh, the launch of the Special Autonomy Fund for Papua was carried out because of the background of conflict issues. Nevertheless, the center hopes that the program will not only reduce conflict but also become a driver of welfare for indigenous West Papuans through various development programs.

To continue the funding, the government needs regulation as a legal umbrella. Papua and West Papua were asked to hurry to push for a revision of Law 21/2001.

Source: Antara

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