Biak Numfor Hospital Prioritizes Improving Health Services

The manager of the Biak Numfor District General Hospital (RSUD), Papua, prioritizes improving health services for patients who undergo post-Eid Al-Fitriholidays as a form of commitment to meet the health needs of residents in eastern Indonesia.

“During the Lebaran holiday, hospital services are normal, after the holiday ends, the hospital medical officers have been committed to improving the quality of good services to outpatients and medical treatment,” said Acting Director of the Hospital of Biak Dr. Ricardo Major M.Kes. responding to Lebak holiday hospital services in Biak on Saturday.

He explained that Biak Hospital as one of the referral hospitals in the Teluk Saereri area has equipped various facilities to support basic health services to fulfill various specialist doctors in hospitals.

After the Eid holiday, it has added health services to psychiatric doctors and ophthalmologists.

“Daily health needs are increasing because the health sector has become a major need for every citizen of Biak,” he said.

Ricardo Mayor acknowledged that the Eid Al-Fitr holiday period had ended but the community’s need for health services had increased every day.

He asserted that the health services at the Biak Hospital every day were upgraded to meet the expectations of the road-running community and hospitalization.

“The services of patients who are outpatient or hospitalized at Biak Hospital will be served according to the National Health Standards,” he said.

Source: Antara

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