West Papua Will Exports Directly Merbau We Next Year

West Papua Province starting in 2020 will carry out activities to directly send merbau wood to a number of countries in Asia and Europe.

The head of the West Papua Province Forestry Service, Hendrik F Runaweri in Manokwari, said on Thursday that timber shipments from West Papua to foreign countries had been carried out through Surabaya, East Java.

“Starting next year, we will send it ourselves. Direct deliveries are made from West Papua in order to obtain more benefits,” said Runaweri.

In December 2019, he continued, the West Papua Provincial Government would stop cooperating with timber shipping with Surabaya.
Subsequently the shipment will be carried out through Sorong and Manokwari Ports.

“The Sorong Port is very well prepared, so is Manokwari. There is more value that we can get, among which we can set a more reasonable price,” he said again.

According to him, investors in this area are quite ready. The wood processing industry in this area was encouraged to facilitate supply.

“Our investors are forced to inevitably have to have a processing industry in West Papua. Starting this year we have to be ready so that by early 2020 we can start direct shipping,” he said.

At present, he said, there are already several wood processing industries in Kaimana in Sorong, Fakfak, Bintuni Bay. The provincial government will act decisively for investors who are reluctant to build wood processing plants.

He stated, this export activity was specifically carried out for merbau wood. For countries in Eastern Europe shipments are made through China.

“Amsterdam Netherlands can be sent directly from West Papua,” he said, adding that the provincial government was also pushing for increased exports of non-timber forest products.

Hendrik added that his party had coordinated with the Papua Provincial Government. The same thing will be done in Papua province related to timber export activities.

Source: Antara

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