Residents of Malumkarta Freed 1,292 Turtle Hatchlings to the Sea

Great Malumkarta Nature Conservation Group, Sorong Regency, West Papua Province, released 1,292 hatchlings or baby turtles into the sea as an effort to preserve animals.

The head of the Malumkarta Raya Nature Conservation Group in Sorong Regency, Robert Kalami in Sorong, said Thursday that 1,292 hatchlings were released into the sea from February to May 2019.

The turtles released into the sea by the Malumkarta community, said Robert, were only two types of turtles, 138 hawksbill turtles and lekang turtles totaling 1,154 hatchlings.

He explained that the release of hatchlings is a form of commitment by the local community to preserve nature, especially to protect turtle animals.

According to him, all year long hawksbill and turtle turtles landed on the coast of Malumkarta and the island of Um, Sorong Regency, spawning eggs to lay their eggs.

It is said, the Malumkarta Raya community who are members of a conservation group guard the nest of turtle eggs from attacks by predators such as monitor lizards, wild boar, and especially humans.

After turtle eggs hatch into tukit, the community then captures the turtle hatchlings for three to four days to be strong.

“The purpose of captivity is to make the turtle hatchlings really strong and third to be released into the sea to avoid attack by predators in the sea,” he said.

Source: Antara

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