KEIN Asks PLN to Guarantee Electricity Readiness for PON in Papua Province

The ESDM and Rural Industry Working Group along with the National Economic and Industrial Committee (KEIN) asked PLN to ensure electricity readiness for the implementation of the National Sports Week (PON) in Papua Province received more attention.

The Chair of the ESDM and Rural Industry Working Group (Pokja) Aries Muftie, in Jayapura, Friday, said that electricity demand is very important when implementing XX PON by 2020 in the Papua Province.

“In a meeting with the Papua Provincial Government and the PLN of the Papua and West Papua Main Units, PLN stated that the electricity demand for PON had no problems and was available, as well as the needs of the community as consumers,” he said.

According to Aries, not only supporting PON, the availability of electricity is also important to support regions that have tourism potential in their respective regions.

“When PON is implemented, there will certainly be many people who come, so the electricity needs in the region must also be prepared to support tourist attractions in their respective regions,” he said.

He explained on the other hand, it was deemed necessary for adequate energy infrastructure for investors who wanted to open industries in the Papua Province.

“We will discuss this again, including its relation to how PT Freeport uses its electricity and perhaps other investments in Merauke, Sorong and other areas in Papua,” he said again.

He added that the success of the PON XX in 2020 in the Papua Province certainly determined the readiness of various sectors, not only in terms of infrastructure development, but also regarding the availability of water and electricity and other supporting facilities.

Source: Antara

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