The Wamena Bulog Allocates 776 Tons of Rice for 40 Districts

Perum Bolog Wamena in Jayawijaya District, Papua Province has allocated 776 tons of more prosperous rice to the community in 40 districts.

Head of the Wamena Bulog Logistics Section Office, Ahmad Mustari in Wamena, Jayawijaya District capital, Thursday said the 776 tons more for the two-month quota.

“One month the need for literature for Jayawijaya is over 388 tons. But now the government is distributing it for two months at a time,” he said.

Of the total number, the second stage of literature has been distributed for six districts from Tuesday to Thursday.

“According to the schedule, today the government is distributing it to Welesi and Wouma Districts. Later Friday, Bugi and Wollo Districts will be,” he said.

He said if the government finished distributing stage two and wanted to continue at the next stage, then Bulog was always ready.

“Later, the quota will be finished for March-April. We will process it again for distribution. If it takes one month, it may be two months. It depends on the stock,” he said.

On the last three days the local government has overseen the distribution of hundreds of tons of literature to the districts and immediately handed it over to the community.

The escort which was also carried out by the police, Satpol PP and the official in order to avoid rastra did not reach the villages or districts due to embezzlement by irresponsible individuals like in previous years.

Source: Antara

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