KSAU: West Papuan Teenagers are Given the Ease of Becoming AAU Cadets

The Indonesian Air Force’s headquarters provided opportunities and facilities for indigenous West Papuan teenagers to become TNI AU officers through cadets in the Air Force Academy (AAU) in Yogyakarta.

“This year there are five native West Papuans who will attend AAU education from those who took the final test of nine people,” said Air Force Chief of Staff (KSAU) Marshal Yuyu Sutisna in a press statement in Biak, Papua, on Thursday responding to the opportunity for native Papuans to become officers. Indonesian Air Force.

He said, to be able to become a candidate for AAU cadets must meet the criteria and qualifications that have been set such as from the aspects of health, academics, physical fitness, psychological test and mental ideology.

For the health aspect, according to Marshal Yuyu Sutisna, the main thing must be fulfilled by the AAU cadets because this is related to personal safety when they have to take part in the formation of the Air Force soldiers.

KSAU hopes that every district / city government in Papua and West Papua Provinces can cooperate with the local Air Force to prepare native West Papuan sons and daughters to participate in the AAU cadets selection process.

He acknowledged, in order to educate and nurture the mentality of indigenous West Papuan youth in preparation for the selection of candidates for AAU cadets, they need to be well prepared because this way can open wide opportunities for West Papuans sons to become candidates for TNI AU officers.

“I am optimistic that the training program programmed with the local airbase can prepare physically and mentally native West Papuans to participate in the selection process to become candidates for AAU cadets,” said Marshal Yuyu Sutisna.

Based on the data, officers from among the indigenous West Papuans who operate in various units of the Indonesian Air Force are still very minimal compared to the Indonesian Army, Indonesian Navy and the Indonesian Police.

Source: Antara

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