KEIN Ensures the Readiness of Rural West Papuan Industrial Development

The ESDM and Rural Industry Working Group of the National Economic and Industrial Committee (KEIN), ensures the readiness of industrial and economic development of rural areas in West Papua.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the Rural Industry Working Group, Aries Muftie, after a meeting with the Government of the Papua Province represented by the Assistant for Economic Affairs and Welfare of the People of Papua, Noak Kapisa in Jayapura on Wednesday (12/06/2019).

“We met the Papua Provincial Government to get input on the readiness of industrial and economic development in rural areas, in the Papua region,” said Aries.

In developing rural industrial and economic areas, one that must be ensured is macro preparedness which includes electricity energy. Although based on the data, only about 78 percent of the villages in Papua West have been electrified, but there are still obstacles regarding the administration.

“If the village has been electrified, there is an administration that must be paid. Now to pay for this there must be income, so the industrial development must be accelerated,” he said.

Responding to that, he said there were three things that must be prepared by the regional government, which included energy design, regional industrial development master plan (RIPIDA), and general spatial plan (RUTR).

“The president wants one industry in every village or rural area. For this reason, these three things must be synchronous so that they can be built from the macro side,” said Aries.

Aries Muftie added, there were many opportunities in villages in West Papua could be used as industries for local communities through Village Funds, Village Funds and Special Allocation Funds (DAK) and CSR from various parties.

“This must be cooperated synchronously starting from the central level to the regions. So far it might have worked but there was still sectoral ego and miscommunication. Hopefully, through this meeting there will be a follow-up and a solution can be found for the problems faced together,” he said.

Papua’s Assistant for Economic Affairs and Welfare, Noak Kapisa, said that related to electricity development in Papua, in the future Papua will form a special energy management agency.

“I have already asked this to friends in ESDM, but because of constraints the budget is therefore hampered. For that, I have asked the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) to include in the APBD changes so that this institution can be formed,” Kapisa said.

Source: Jubi

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