Hamadi Beach is Increasingly Crowded with Visitors

Since the last three years, Hamadi Beach has become a marine tourism destination that is increasingly in demand by tourists and residents of Jayapura City, Papua. The number of visitors on Hamadi Beach can reach hundreds of people per week.

This was stated by one of the owners of customary rights who became the manager of Hamadi Beach, David Dawir on Hamadi Beach, Jayapura, Wednesday (06/12/2019). According to him, tourist visits on Hamadi Beach will be crowded during the holiday season.

Dawir said the visitors to Hamadi Beach were from Jayapura City and the surrounding districts, such as Keerom Regency and Jayapura Regency. “[Now Hamadi Beach is increasingly crowded with tourists. The number of tourists on Hamadi Beach] can [reach] 200 people per week. “In the holiday season, the number of visitors can be more than that,” said Dawir.

Dawir said that Hamadi Beach is increasingly being asked by the residents because it has a number of advantages over Holtekam Beach, Base G Beach and Jayapura Pasir Six beach. Base G Beach and the Pasir Enam beach in Jayapura are called Dawir having higher sea waves, so that they can endanger the safety of mothers and children who travel there.

“Hamai is safe because there are already waves. When the waves hit, the current was not too heavy, and the waves were also safe. If dragged it can be stuck on the wall,” said Dawir.

The beach front of the Governor’s office is safe from the threat of waves but cannot be used as a place for family recreation and swimming on the beach. Apart from not being sandy, the beach has more coral, so it is only for sitting.

Ferige Uaga, one of the residents of the city of Jayapura who was visiting Hamadi Beach, said Hamadi Beach did indeed feel safer for recreation. In addition, Hamadi Beach is relatively easier to reach than Jayapura City.

“If we are in Jayapura, [indeed] it is closer to Hamadi, [so] it does not get tired. If you go to Holtekam or Base G, the trip [has made] tired. Before taking a bath [at sea], I was tired, and after recreation [had to travel] going home [far],” he said.

Source: Jubi

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