Biak Allocated Rp30 Billion to Build the Numfor Island Road

The Biak Numfor District Government, Papua, has allocated funds of Rp30 billion to build road infrastructure facilities in the Numfor Islands in an effort to open access to public transportation services between local villages.

“Through the support of a special allocation fund (DAK), the Biak Numfor Regency Government will improve road infrastructure in the Numfor Islands,” said Biak Regent Herry Ario Naap in Biak on Wednesday.

He admitted, the physical implementation of the construction of roads on Numfor Island is expected to be completed on time, so that it can support the smooth distribution of basic commodities and access to economic communities among various villages.

Regent Herry Naap reminded, the executor of the physical road construction work in the Numfor Islands could increase supervision in the field to reach the target.

“Road instructors are the economic lifeblood of residents in the Numfor Islands, so special funds need to be allocated to improve roads,” hoped Regent Herry Naap.

Biak Numfor Regency Government, according to Regent Herry Naap, in the 2019 budget year has also been committed to improving the physical facilities of Puskesmas in the Numfor Islands.

“For other programs in the education sector, the Biak Numfor Regency Government through the education office will help with the transportation of two school bus units to help transport students in the Numfor Islands,” said Regent Herry Naap.

Based on the Numfor Islands data, the administrative part of the Biak Numfor Regency area consists of five districts, namely East Numfor, West Numfor, Orkeri, Bruyadori and Poiru Districts.

Source: Antara

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