TNI Holds Ceremony for Acceptance of Former West Papua KSB Members who Return to Indonesia

Talengga Gire aka Weginus Gire along with three colleagues namely Piningga Gire (25), Tekiles Tabuni (30), and Perengga (27) who are former members of the Armed Separatist Group (KSB) officially returned to the lap of Indonesia. This was marked by an official ceremony that took place at the Holy Spirit Ceremony Field, Jalan Papua, Pagaleme District, Puncak Jaya Regency (Puja), Papua, today, Tuesday 11 June 2019.

Acting as the ceremonial prefecture was Puncak Jaya Regent, Yuni Wonda and Ceremony Commander Captain Czi Ferdian Nuary (Pasi Press Kodim 1714 / PJ). The ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Regent of Puncak Jaya, Denias Geley, Dandim 1714 / PJ Ltk Inf. Agus Sunaryo, Kapolres Puncak Jaya, AKBP Ari Purwanto, traditional leaders, religious leaders, and other community shops.

While the ceremony participants included the Puja Regency ASN and the TNI / Police. The ceremony was also witnessed by hundreds of Mulya residents who were enthusiastic to see from the edge of the field.

The purpose of the ceremony was to announce to the Puja residents that the district government had officially accepted the brothers who had originally joined the KSB. Now they have returned to the bosom of Indonesia and lead normal lives as ordinary people.

This also denied the issue of hoax which stated that the surrender of members of the KSB to the Republic of Indonesia was engineered. In addition, there were also rumors that the weapons handed over were damaged and not functioning.

“Therefore we are officially carried out in public, witnessed by all citizens. We will fire these weapons to prove that this is a military standard and function properly. Many people know our brothers and sisters and how they act when joining with KSB, so there is no engineering,” explained Yuni Wonda.

TNI di Papua. (Foto: Saldi Hermanto/Okezone)

Yuni said in a series of ceremonies marked by the handover of a Mouser Number Senjata 323 R firearm along with 3 7.62 mm Caliber Munitions which, according to the weapons weapon, were confiscated during the 2013 Karubaga Police Field attack in Tolikara.

Yuni Wonda continued, after seizing weapons belonging to Indonesia security apparatus, the person concerned was given the position of guardian of the commander namely General Goliat Tabuni of the Puncak Jaya TPN / OPM Commander. “This is my own weapon, not someone else, but I have never used it to shoot people,” Talengga said.

Then the ceremony was also marked by the signing of a letter of pledge to return the lap of Indonesia by Weginus / Talengga Gire and friends witnessed by the Regent of Puncak Jaya, Dandim 1714 / PJ, and Kapolres Puncak Jaya.

“I have wanted to return to the village for a long time as a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia and live as an ordinary community, and only now can I surrender myself after I know the TNI members,” Talengga said when asked about the reason for returning to the Republic of Indonesia.

Talengga said that he who had 13 children from four wives had been confused who guaranteed the life of his family, so they had to return to be able to provide their livelihood.

He also claimed that all this time he felt cheated by Goliat Tabuni by saying that Papua would soon become independent. Then if Papua becomes independent, they will become high-ranking officials. “But it is all deceit. Whereas residents in the village, in the city, they live in peace, unlike us in the forest, suffering,” Talengga said.

In the speech, Regent Yuni Wonda appealed to all KSB in Puncak Jaya Regency to immediately return to Indonesia. “I, as the head of the region, say a lot of thanks to the TNI and Polri in charge of the Puncak Jaya region who have brought down one of the KSB leaders and three colleagues back to Indonesia lap and handed one Moser weapon and three active munitions,” Yuni said.

Yuni also appealed to all citizens to always pray that the Puncak Jaya region was safe and all citizens and figures who were still at odds with the Republic of Indonesia immediately returned to the lap of Indonesia because Papua was already independent in the frame of Indonesia.

On this occasion the Regent of Yuni Wonda also congratulated the Eid al-Fitr 1440 Hajj, apologizing both physically and mentally to those who celebrate. The ceremony was closed with a prayer delivered by the Deputy Chairperson of the Klidi Gidi in Puncak Jaya.

In a press conference, Regent Yuni Wonda said the four former members of the KSB would be directed to get jobs and adapted to their abilities and level of education. They will also be given shelter from government programs, namely the construction of people’s homes.

While the Dandim Lieutenant Colonel Agus Sunaryo said that this was one of the manifestations of the success of the formation and territorial approach carried out by the TNI to the People. This success has gone through a long process and will motivate all members to be more active in implementing approaches and guidance to the people, but still increase awareness.

“We hope that all of our brothers and sisters who are still at odds with the Republic of Indonesia will immediately return and join the NKRI to jointly develop regions and countries, especially so that our children of Papua generation can be prepared to achieve a better future in the future,” said Agus.


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