The Governor of West Papua Obtained an Environmental Award from CI

West Papua Governor, Dominggus Mandacan has been awarded as a global conservation hero or “global conservation hero” given by “Conservation international (CI)” at Milk Studios, City of Los Angeles, California, United States.

The press release received by ANTARA on Tuesday said the award was given after Governor of Dominggu was considered to be strongly committed to implementing the principles of sustainable development and preserving the environment in West Papua Province.

“The award is a form of international recognition for the efforts of the West Papua Provincial Government in protecting forests, the sea and ensuring the fulfillment of the rights of indigenous people of West Papua with a sustainable and environmentally friendly development approach,” Governor Dominggus said in the press release.

One of the historical things during the reign of Governor Dominggus was the issuance of a Special Regional Regulation (Perdasus) on Sustainable Development in West Papua Province which was passed by the West Papua DPRD on 20 March 2019.

This regulation, also known as the “Perdasus Konservasi Provinsi”, is the first in Indonesia and even in the world at the provincial level.

Within the Perdasus of Conservation Province it is stated that West Papua stipulates a minimum of 50 percent of its marine area as a watershed conservation area with 20 percent included in the no take zone, tightening various permits for large-scale plantations, explicitly mentioning the need to develop green economy, increasing access to utilization and profit sharing of natural resources for indigenous peoples.

CEO CI Dr M Sanjayan revealed that with strong commitment from Governor Dominggus and the entire ranks of the West Papua government and its people, it is expected that at least 70 percent of the land there will be protected for the future.

That hope is to ensure the commitment of regional leaders in West Papua as outlined in “Teminabuan Aspirations” on 30 April 2019.

In the document, the Governor and all Regents and Mayors in West Papua Province agreed to protect 70 per cent of West Papua’s land for conservation purposes important ecosystem.

West Papua is indeed known as one of the highest centers of biodiversity on earth, which is at the heart of the triangle of world coral (world coral triangle). About 75% of all world hard coral species are found in the waters of West Papua, more than 1,000 species of reef fish and 700 types of molluscs.

Therefore, since 15 years ago CI Indonesia and various natural conservation organizations actively assisted the regional government and the central government to protect the waters in this province.

Until early 2019, West Papua had 4.6 million ha of Marine Protected Areas, or more than 25% of the national MPA’s broad target by 2020.

While on land, almost 90% of West Papua is still a forest area and the government the regions have committed to maintaining at least 70% of their forest areas consisting of important ecosystems such as wetlands, mangroves, and nutrient-rich lowland forests, biodiversity, non-timber products, and natural protection functions for the welfare of the provincial community.

Source: Antara

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