Papua’s NTP Increases Due to Higher Price Received by Farmers

Head of the Commercial Statistics and Services Section of the Papua Province Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Kartika Apriyanti said, in May 2019, Farmer Exchange Rates (NTP) in Papua Province rose 0.11 percent with an NTP index of 91.92. The increase occurs because the change in the price index accepted by farmers is greater than the price index paid by farmers.

Papua Province NTP in May 2019 according to the sub-sector are 85.82 Food Crop Subsector FTT, 84.17 Horticulture Subsector NTP, 97.67 NTP of the Community Plantation Plant, Livestock Subsector NTP 105.08 and 100.53 Fisheries NTP.

“Then, the fisheries sub-sector NTP was specified as 107.79 Capture Fisheries NTP and 80.70 Aquaculture Fisheries NTP,” Kartika explained at the Papua Province BPS office on Tuesday (06/11/2019).
Added, from 33 provinces, 17 provinces experienced an increase in NTP while 16 other provinces experienced a decline in NTP where Yogyakarta recorded the highest increase in NTP, namely 2.01 percent while NAD recorded the largest decrease in NTP, which was -2.10 percent.

Meanwhile, Rural Papua Inflation in May 2019 recorded an inflation of 0.79 percent.

The exchange rate of agricultural household businesses (NTUP) in Papua in May 2019 was recorded to increase by 0.62 percent.


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