Agats Health Center Holds a Public Health Promotion

Asmat District Health Office, Papua Province through Agats Health Center held a public health socialization by involving mothers in Agats District, Thursday (23/5).

The socialization that took place at the Wiyata Mandala building was opened by the Head of the Asmat Riechard Health Service Ruben Mirino, and was attended by the Chairperson of Dharma Wanita Cesilia Bokoreceps, Secretary of the Proud Papua Secretary Asmat Boni Jokfu, paramedics and figures.

Head of the Asmat Riechard Health Service Ruben Mirino invites pregnant and lactating mothers to take advantage of the first thousand days of life (1000 HPK) because it is very good for child development.

“Through this program, the Asmat Regency Government provides food for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. Therefore it must be used so that our children grow up healthy and strong, “Riechard said.

It was said, the 1000 HPK program in the form of fulfilling children’s nutrition during the first 1000 days, starting from the womb to the age of two years. This program is in line with the program of providing supplementary food for school children promoted by the local government.

“Mothers must also take care of their children’s health, such as getting used to bathing twice a day, washing their hands before going to bed, washing their hands before eating and maintaining the cleanliness of the house,” he said.

Regarding the supplementary feeding program for school children (PMTAS), Riechard said the program targeted children at the play group level, fathers / kindergarten and elementary school.

“This program is also in the form of nutritious food. According to our data, there are 1,500 beneficiaries of the 1000 HPK and PMTAS programs. We are trying to increase the number of beneficiaries, “he said.

He is optimistic that government programs in the health sector will run well if the community participates in health development.

“There are many programs being rolled out. We hope that the community will use the entire program and be active in it,” he said.

Source: Antara

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