The West Papua Regional Police Will Survey the Level of Public Trust

The West Papua Regional Police (Polda) plans to collaborate with the Kompas Research and Development Agency to survey the level of public trust in police institutions in this area.

West Papua Regional Police Chief Brig. Gen. Herry Rudolf Nahak in a gathering with a number of editorial leaders and journalists, in Manokwari, Wednesday, said the results of the survey would be used as a reference in carrying out various legal approaches to the community.

“We want to know whether public trust in the police is high or even unbelieving,” said Brigadier General Rudolf Nahak, accompanied by the Deputy Regional Police Chief of the Tatang Kombes.

The Kapolda asked press workers in West Papua to join hands to improve the image of the institution.

At the meeting, the West Papua Regional Police Chief ordered the main officers to facilitate access to information for the press, either directly or through the Head of AKBP Public Relations. Mathias Y Krey.

He admitted, a similar order was also immediately delivered to all police chiefs in West Papua to build better relations with the press.

He said, to build closeness with the press it was deemed necessary in realizing kamtibmas and becoming a special concern of National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian.

Responding to a number of social problems that have invited public criticism such as eradicating alcoholic drinks, lottery gambling or white coupons, the Regional Police Chief stated that it was immediately in order.

When referring to the recruitment of prospective Police Academy cadets and non-commissioned candidates, his party applies transparently and gives special attention to the balance between native Papuan children and migrants.

Source: Antara

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