NU Papua Wants National Elements to Maintain Brotherhood

The Papua Province’s Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) administrator regretted the riots that ended in riots in Jakarta. NU said that what was done by the masses today did not reflect the attitude of Islam.

“We, the NU Papuan people, reject the people power movement or uphold the sovereignty of the people who accuse election fraud of supporters of the Probowo-Sandi presidential candidate who are treated with demonstrations and imposing will through violent means that disrupt the Kamtibmas,” NU Papua chairman Toni Wanggai told via short message, Wednesday (05/22/2019).

Toni considered the demonstration which ended in chaos as a form of immaturity of certain political elites in responding to the KPU’s decision.

He regretted the use of religious ornaments in every action taken in responding to political developments, including the rejection of the results of the 2019 Election.

“This is contrary to Islamic values ​​which are rahmatan lil alamin, Islam which carries the mission of mercy, love and peace,” he said.

He further stated, Islam teaches that if there is a difference of opinion, it can be resolved through deliberation to find a solution. In the national language is to respect the legal process through a civil lawsuit in a dispute in the Constitutional Court.

The most important of the dynamics that occur at this time is how all elements of the nation can maintain unity and not issue comments that can actually heat up the atmosphere.

“Let us maintain our brotherhood and unity among Indonesian children,” said Toni.


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