Bank Indonesia Explores the Development of Anggi Coffee in the Arfak Mountains

Bank Indonesia (BI) began exploring the potential of Anggi coffee in the Arfak Mountains District, West Papua, to encourage the development of local potential as a superior commodity.

“The development of coffee is one of the BI programs. This is an effort to encourage increased foreign exchange through trade in the export market,” said Head of BI Representative of West Papua Province, Donny Heatubun in Manokwari, Wednesday.

Donny said, BI already had enough experience in guarding the development of coffee, including gayo coffee in Aceh. He hopes, something similar can be done in West Papua, especially the Arfak Mountains which have considerable potential.

According to him, the export market opportunity for commodity coffee is still very large. Anggi coffee can be encouraged to become a regional superior product.

Starting the program, BI plans to collaborate with a non-governmental organization in Manokwari. Initial coordination has been carried out to explore opportunities and readiness of farmers to welcome the program.

“For West Papua this is a very new thing. We will push this on the export market, only the problem here is in the continuity of production,” he said again.

From the experience of BI so far, he said, the export market is ready to accommodate as many coffee products as possible from Indonesian farmers. In the Arfak Mountains, farmers are not ready.

For that, he said, there are still many things that must be prepared, especially land, crops and farmer resources.

“To welcome the export market, we need large-scale plantations. The Arfak Mountains must be ready, for their natural potential to be ready. Now the farmers must be encouraged,” Donny said again.

In this program, continued Donny, BI is ready to escort from the planting process to trading. Assistance to farmers will be carried out between 3 to 5 years until farmers who become BI partners are truly ready and successful.

Source: Antara

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