West Papua Will Bring the Results of the Recapitulation to Jakarta on Thursday

The West Papua Province General Election Commission (KPU) is optimistic that it can bring the results of simultaneous vote recapitulation in the area to Jakarta on Thursday (16/5).

Head of KPU of West Papua Province, Amus Atkana in Manokwari, Tuesday, said that the plenary vote recapitulation in this area had completed 11 of the 13 districts / cities. The remaining two, namely Maybrat Regency and Fakfak.

“KPU Maybrat has completed the plenary today and Fakfak until 14.00 CEST, there is only one district left and one type of ballot, namely the Regency DPRD,” he said.

Amus Atkana is certain that tonight the KPU Fakfak recapitulation was completed, then on Wednesday morning it has brought results to Manokwari to be read at the provincial plenary.

The plenary recapitulation of the KPU of West Papua Province will be continued on Wednesday (15/5) at 14.00 WIT.

He is optimistic that the provincial level recapitulation for the two regions will be completed by Wednesday night.

“When Wednesday is finished, it means that on Thursday we can bring results to Jakarta. Until there, we will immediately register so that the schedule is immediately given,” he said again.

Amus believes that the results of the vote recapitulation in West Papua will be read out at the national plenary session before May 22, 2019.

“If on May 16 the results from West Papua enter, meaning we can get a schedule to read the results no later than 2 days after that,” he said again.

Source: Antara

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