Pelindo Jayapura Prepares Integrated Posts ahead of Eid Holiday

PT Pelindo IV Jayapuram prepares integrated posts starting from D-15 to H + 15 to anticipate the flow of homecoming and the flow of Eid 2019.

Jayapura Branch General Manager PT Pelindo IV, Hardin Hasjim told Antara in Jayapura on Wednesday, said it had made preparations such as technical meetings involving relevant stakeholders in the port area.

“Where the post count is H minus 15 and H plus 15, so it starts on May 21, 2019, so each of the relevant agencies has been urged to make preparations according to their duties,” he said.

According to Hardin, in preparation for Eid Al-Fitr there were several preparations made by his party starting from facilities, adding parking spaces, tightening security and maintenance of crane heavy equipmentor crane.

“Therefore, we at the port are prohibited from taking leave to anticipate shortages of human resources, while facilities such as ship moorings are adequate because there is already a special dock,” he said.

He explained that the problem often faced was land for parking lots, so in anticipation, he would use the new jetty area by installing signs of traffic signs to make it easy for the public to use.

“Lebaran posts do not only alert passengers, but also goods or cargo,” he said again.

He added that his party also carried out earlier maintenance so that heavy equipment or facilities predicted to be disrupted could be avoided and anticipated.

Source: Antara

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