KPU Papua Plans For an Extension of Voice Recapitulation

The Papua Provincial Election Commission (KPU) plans to ask for an extension of time to the center in connection with the completion of the vote recapitulation process to the specified limits in several districts in the local area.

Papua KPU Supervisory Commissioner, Sandra Mambrasar, in Jayapura, Wednesday (15/5), said the article, for the deadline for the completion of the vote recapitulation was Sunday (12/5) but until now there were still districts that had not implemented plenary.

“We have communicated with the KPU RI for the extension of the time,” he said.

According to Sandra, even so, until now it has not yet obtained a circular letter for extension of time.

“The problems that cause it to delay are due to problems outside the disturbing stages such as security and technical issues that lead to problems or political nuances,” he said.

He explained clearly his side would be guided by PKPU Number 10 of 2019 which clearly regulated this.

“We are referring to the PKPU 10/2019 stage, but it is faced like this, so it is expected that the KPU can provide official letters for renewal,” he said again.

Just to note, until Wednesday (5/15) only 26 districts completed the recapitulation, there were still remaining Yapen Islands District, Intan Jaya and Jayapura City.

Source: Antara

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