Bulog is Sure that Papua-West Papua Rice Stocks are Safe

The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) of the Papua-West Papua Regional Division noted that rice stocks in warehouses are currently recorded at 40,652 tons or able to meet the needs for the next 3.4 months.

“Communities, especially those who want to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr 1440 H, do not need to worry because the supply of rice in all Bulog warehouses spread in Papua and West Papua is safe,” Khozin told Antara in Jayapura, Jayapura Monday.

According to him, every month, the demand for rice in the Papua-West Papua Divre region is 12,123 tons.

Tens of thousands of tons of rice stocks were spread in Bulog’s warehouses in Papua, which were 2,763 tons in Wamena, Jayapura with 12,624 tons, Timika with 1,639 tons, Biak 2,992 tons, Serui 961 tons, Nabire 5,096 tons and Merauke 5,145 tons.

While rice stocks in West Papua warehouses are in Manokwari with 3,669 tons, Sorong 5,863 tons, Fak-fak 2,098 tons and warehouses in Teminabuan with 418 tons, Khozin said.

It was said, besides rice, the Regional Division of Logistics of Papua-West Papua also had 43 thousand tons of commercial rice stock, 4,061,000 kg of sugar, 126,100 kg of flour and 16,800 liters of cooking oil.

When asked about plans to bring in beef, Khozin said he had not been able to provide it due to the absence of cold storage or cold storage .

Bulog Papua-West Papua Perum has proposed for the construction of cold storage to support the need for beef.

Source: Antara

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