Papua Province-Belgium Government Explores Cooperation in Developing Chocolate

The Papua Provincial Government along with the Belgian Government are exploring the possibility of establishing cooperation in the economic field, especially the development of chocolate.

Papua Deputy Governor, Klemen Tinal said on Monday that Belgium was known for being the largest cocoa producer, in which the Tabi and Saireri regions were also cocoa producers even though the production was not optimal.

“The Tabi and Saireri region which is the producer of cocoa in the Papua Province, but its production has not been maximized so that the visit of the Belgian Ambassador is expected to open opportunities,” he said.

According to Klemen, previously there was no cooperation between Belgium and Papua so that with the visit of the Belgian Ambassador to Indonesia Stephane De Loecker it was hoped there would be economic development potential.

“If the Belgian Government is interested, then cooperation can be opened with the cocoa farming community in Papua that can increase people’s income and provide benefits to companies,” he said.

The Belgian Ambassador to Indonesia, Stephane De Loecker visited the Papua Province to find out about the situation of the Cenderawasih Earth and was received directly by the Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal in his office on Monday (13/5).

Stephane explained that this visit aims to see the situation of the Papua Province which is a province with a vast and larger area than he expected.

“We also want to know the economic potential to the political context in the Papua Province,” he said.

Source: Antara

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