Faster Download in West Papua Compared to Java, This is the Reason

Java Island is the center of population, politics and economy in Indonesia. In addition, several major cities in Java, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya, are identical to complete infrastructure compared to other cities.

Interestingly, from Opensignal analysis data revealed that the internet speed is the fastest, not in Java. This is based on an analysis of 44 of the largest cities in Indonesia.

The data reveals that the city of Sorong in West Papua is the fastest download city in Indonesia. Then, followed by Gorontalo in Sulawesi and Ambon in the Maluku Islands. The average download speed in these cities is more than 11 Mbps.

Meanwhile, in upload speeds Pekanbaru city in Sumatra ranks first with an average upload speed of 5.9 Mbps. Big cities in Java Island are far above the top 10.

Like the city of Malang and Bandung each is ranked at 14 and 15 at the download speed. The capital and center of the megapolis, Jakarta is ranked 28th as the city with the fastest downloads. The score obtained by Jakarta is only 7.8 Mbps, around 4 Mbps is lower than the top-ranked city. While the experience score is 3.5 Mbps over 2 Mbps from the leader.

According OpenSignal, Thursday (09/05/2019) low-speed download and upload for several cities in Java, not because the network is weaker and less sophisticated technology. But the dynamics associated with competition and demand.

Open Signal

Demand is rumored to play a large role in the speed that is commonly experienced by consumers. The more users connect to the network, the greater the capacity is spread thinly, which can cause the average speed to drop.

Although operators tend to focus on increasing their network and capacity in big cities, often these improvements cannot compensate for the demand for cellular data produced by densely populated and technologically savvy metropolises.

As is known, Java has a large population, so Java has the highest level of demand. OpenSignal also has an exception in the city of Medan in Sumatra which also has the most populous population outside Java.

Because Medan ranks 6th in the ranking of download experience. This shows that Medan is able to maintain a relatively fast speed despite the demand and high level of competition.

Open Signal


Source: okezone

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