May 2019

The West Papua Regional Police Will Survey the Level of Public Trust

The West Papua Regional Police (Polda) plans to collaborate with the Kompas Research and Development Agency to survey the level of public trust in police institutions in this area. West Papua Regional Police Chief Brig. Gen. Herry Rudolf Nahak in a gathering with a number of editorial leaders and journalists, in Manokwari, Wednesday, said the results of the survey would be used as a reference in carrying out various legal

Bank Indonesia Explores the Development of Anggi Coffee in the Arfak Mountains

Bank Indonesia (BI) began exploring the potential of Anggi coffee in the Arfak Mountains District, West Papua, to encourage the development of local potential as a superior commodity. “The development of coffee is one of the BI programs. This is an effort to encourage increased foreign exchange through trade in the export market,” said Head of BI Representative of West Papua Province, Donny Heatubun in Manokwari, Wednesday. Donny said, BI

NU Papua Wants National Elements to Maintain Brotherhood

The Papua Province’s Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) administrator regretted the riots that ended in riots in Jakarta. NU said that what was done by the masses today did not reflect the attitude of Islam. “We, the NU Papuan people, reject the people power movement or uphold the sovereignty of the people who accuse election fraud of supporters of the Probowo-Sandi presidential candidate who are treated with demonstrations and imposing will through