Targets Value of Agricultural Exports to Increase

The export value of non-oil and gas products in agriculture in Jayapura has increased significantly. This success is evidence of the hard work of the farmers who were encouraged by various assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) for the past four years.

Based on data, the export value of Papua’s agricultural production abroad reached Rp. 35.6 billion. This figure is the total number that occurred in 2018. While January-March 2019, Papua’s exports reached 29.1 percent. This number rose sharply when compared to the previous year which was only Rp. 10.3 M.

Head of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Quarantine Agency, Ali Jamil, targets this year’s export value to double, sharper than the value of exports in the previous year. He said, the value of this year must be able to strengthen and even dominate the Asian, European and American markets.

“With the existing efforts, together with the Papuan government, we believe the export target can be doubled from the previous year,” he said, Wednesday (17/4).

According to Jamil, Wamena coffee is very popular with foreigners because it has a distinctive flavor. For this reason, through the Generasi Millennial National Agricultural Product Export Program (Agro Gemilang), the Ministry of Agriculture will increase all training and technical guidance such as meeting sanitary and phytosanitary requirements (SPS) as requested by the destination country.

“Of course we want farmers to get optimal added value, so that they can increase the welfare of farmers and open new employment opportunities in agriculture,” he said.

Just to note, the area of ​​coffee farms in Jayawijaya reaches 1,910 hectares. The area is spread in 24 districts such as in Walesi, Kurulu, Hubertus and Pyramid. While the productivity of wamena coffee is in the range of 600-650 kg per hectare.

“Coffee production in 2017 reaches 125.8 tons. Wamena coffee itself is feasible to be pushed into an export commodity because if it has been processed into ready-to-drink packaging, the potential for selling value is much higher,” he said.

On the same occasion, Jamil also symbolically provided access to the Indonesia Map of Agricultural Commodities Exports or I-MACE to the government of the Papua Province.

The application contains the development of export data on various agricultural commodities from related regions and is intended so that the government is able to read and optimize the potential of agriculture in the area.

The Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe appreciated the program being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture through Barantan in accelerating exports. Lukas hopes that the technical guidance program, Agro Gemilang, which is aimed primarily at prospective new exporters in Papua, can continue to be improved.

“Papua must immediately be able to become a food barn for countries in the Pacific waters. This is our commitment,” he said.

Protection focus

Meanwhile, the Head of the Jayapura Quarantine, Muklis Natsir delivered quarantine automation data, IQFAST for the export of non-oil and gas products in agriculture. From Jayapura in 2018 it reached Rp. 35.6 billion.

The data, said Muklis, is an increasing trend in the first half of 2019, reaching 29.1 percent compared to the previous year which was only Rp 10.3 billion. There, there are 5 export commodities, namely merbau wood, wheat flour, plywood, coffee beans and vanilla. The destination countries include China, PNG and the United States.

While other commodities that are also in demand in the domestic market are palm shell products, CPO, cocoa beans and copra. “The regional destinations that we send are to Kalimantan, Medan, Surabaya, Denpasar and Yogyakarta. Even as of March 2019, 75.9 tons of cocoa beans that were crossed or Rp 2.3 billion were worth,” he said.

According to Muklis, his side together with Barantan at the moment is also currently focusing on the protection of possible entry of pests of other animal and plant diseases. This step was carried out as a message from President Jokowi who requested a performance leap to boost exports.


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