Ministry of Agriculture Works on Wamena Coffee Export Potential in Papua

The Ministry of Agriculture, through the Agriculture Quarantine Agency (Barantan), encourages agricultural economic growth in Papua through accelerating exports of agricultural products, especially coffee from Wamena.

Head of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Quarantine Agency, Ali Jamil, in Jayapura on Monday, said that Wamena coffee from Jayawijaya Regency has a distinctive taste, with an area of ​​coffee farms in the local area reaching 1,910 hectares and spread across 24 districts such as Walesi, Kurulu, Hubertus and Pyramid.

“With Wamena coffee productivity in the range of 600-650 kilo grams per hectare and coffee production in 2017 as much as 125.8 tons, this agricultural product is feasible to be pushed into an export commodity, where it is very good, what if it has been processed into packaging ready to drink, very potential, “he said.

He explained that the commodity is very potential, so that Barantan and related agencies must protect against the possibility of the entry of pests that can attack the typical Indonesian coffee cultivation into Papua.

“Like the fungus Hemileia coffeicola which is an OPTK (Quarantine Plant Disturbing Organism) A1 class I, which means it does not yet exist in Indonesia and cannot be freed by treatment, where this fungus causes disease of coffee leaf rust,” he said again.

He added that the spread of OPTK covers Central and West Africa, where the fungus spores are easily spread so it is feared that they can infect plants elsewhere.

He further said that the export value of non-oil and gas products in agriculture from Jayapura in 2018 reached Rp 35.6 billion, while as of March 2019 exports had reached 29.1 percent compared to the previous year, which amounted to Rp 10.3 billion.

“With the existing efforts, together with the Government of Papua, we believe the export target can be doubled from the previous year,” he said

Source: Antara

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