Papua’s Export Value Increased 54.96 Percent

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua Province said that the value of Papua’s exports in June 2016 reached 181.79 million US dollars, an increase of 54.96 percent compared to exports in May 2016 which amounted to 117.31 million dollars United States of America.

Papua BPS data on Monday revealed that the value of Papua’s exports in January-June 2016 reached 671.02 million US dollars, a decrease of 32.67 percent compared to the same period in 2015.

The largest increase in exports of the Papua Province was US $ 0. , 12 million (562.57 percent), followed by exports of copper ore and concentrate (HS26) of 63.89 million US dollars (57.70 percent) and exports of wood and wood products (HS44) of 0.47 million US dollars ( 7.21 percent).

Whereas the cumulative rate of Papuan exports in January-June 2016 declined for other copper, plywood and non-oil concentrate exports compared to the same period in 2015, where each fell by 269.90 million US dollars, 28.93 million US dollars, and 26 , 80 million US dollars.

For the purpose of Papua’s exports to the six main countries in June 2016 it reached 176.23 million US dollars, an increase of 55.37 percent compared to its value in May 2016.

Exports to China reached the largest number, namely 61.71 million US dollars, followed by Japan 61.30 million US dollars, and the Philippines 36.16 million US dollars.

Source: Antara

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