West Papua is Ready to Succeed Elections on April 17, 2019

West Papua Province is ready to succeed in the implementation of presidential and legislative elections on April 17, 2019. The preparation has been carried out long ago and currently has reached 98 percent, remaining, 2 percent.

This was conveyed by the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan when leading an rally with all the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), Satpol-PP, Linmas in the West Papua Provincial Government and the Manokwari Regency Government in preparation for the simultaneous elections in 2019 at Borarsi Manokwari Field, Friday (11/4).

Governor Mandacan said yesterday’s joint rally was also a follow-up to the results of a joint meeting of all Regional Leadership Communication Forums in 12 districts and 1 city in West Papua Province, Monday (8/4).

In the meeting, Mandacan said the West Papua Provincial Government had checked the readiness of the organizers, and based on reports from the organizers of the preparation of the presidential candidates election, vice presidential candidates, candidates for DPR-RI, Provincial DPRD, Regency DPRD, City and DPD-RI period 2019-2024 in West Papua Province has reached 98 percent.

“Why can it be called 98 percent, because all election logistics are in 12 districts and 1 city in West Papua, only 2 percent of them are H + 1. All logistics are already in the Letter Picking Place (TPS) throughout the West Papua region,” Mandacan explained.

This number 1 person in the West Papua Provincial Government also invited all ASNs, Satpol-PPs, and also Community Protection and all Indonesian citizens in general and West Papuans in particular to come to the polling station, Wednesday, April 17 2019 to channel their political rights directly, publicly, free, and confidential.

“Civil Servant is neutral but, must use its right to vote directly, publicly, freely, and confidentially. Neutral means not being joined in successful teams from legislator candidates and presidential and vice-presidential candidates. We must make sure that all Indonesian citizens or West Papuans must exercise their right to vote, there is no white group (abstentions), all must exercise their right to vote,” said Mandacan.

According to him, one vote can determine development in Indonesia and even in West Papua in the next five years. “So I hope that we can all use our voting rights, no one will abstain,” the Governor exclaimed.

In order to support the success of the democratic party, Governor Dominggus Mandacan has also instructed all Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) in the West Papua Provincial Government and in 12 districts 1 city to prepare existing facilities and infrastructure to support the implementation of presidential-vice presidential election candidates, prospective members legislative period 2019-2024.

“All existing facilities and infrastructure are prepared, and maximized to support the success of the election. For example, related OPDs such as the Transportation Agency, speedboats, ships and buses must be prepared. Fire engines, this is an example and this is one of the tools we have to prepare. This fire engine must be ready, “requested Mandacan at Borarsi Field yesterday.

Himself, I am Mandacan not wanting unwanted things to happen, so that all important infrastructure facilities must be prepared. Besides the participation of the entire community to participate in maintaining security and orderliness in the area.

“We are ready to handle, but don’t forget we also have to build communication and coordination with the TNI, Police, BPBD, and SAR. We must synergize in ensuring the smooth running of the elections simultaneously and guarantee security in West Papua. after this direction all relevant OPDs must coordinate, communicate with other relevant parties, “requested Mandacan.

After the apple together, followed by the 53rd anniversary of Bank Papua with healthy gymnastics together and distributing prizes for customers and a number of ASNs who took part in the joint apple.

Source: pasificpos.com

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