South Sorong is the Best in Managing Village Funds in West Papua

Management of village funds in South Sorong Regency (Sorsel) is considered the best compared to 12 districts / cities in other West Papua Provinces.

The head of the regional office of the Directorate General of Treasury of West Papua, Arif Wibawa in Manokwari, on Monday, said that from the administrative side, South Korea was considered quite orderly. The implementation and reporting was carried out on time.

After Sorsel, another area that deserves appreciation in the use of village funds, namely South Manokwari Regency or Mansel and Tambrauw District.

The use of village funds in the two regions is quite good from planning to reporting, he said.

“The most orderly Sorsel was followed by Mansel and Tambrauw. These three regions were always the best several times,” Arif said.

He explained, in general the process of disbursing village funds was easier than the budget in other posts.

Disbursement of village funds does not require a review from the Inspectorate like a special allocation fund (DAK), but rather with a recommendation from the regent.

In West Papua, Arif continued, there were a number of regions that experienced considerable progress through village programs. Among them are Mansel and Tambrauw Regencies. Rural development in Tambrauw is considered better than its neighbor, for example Maybrat Regency.

He hopes that other regions can also optimize the use of village funds for development.

As the central government wishes, village funds are disbursed so that there is equal development between villages and cities, he said.

Village apparatus and communities are considered to be the components that have the most roles. They are considered to understand what is needed most in their environment.

“If someone doesn’t understand, it can be consulted with the Village Empowerment Service. I think the service is happy to provide an explanation,” he said again.

Arif added, the village fund program is now entering its fifth year since it began in 2015.

He hopes that the community will be more prosperous and there will be no more disadvantaged villages.

Source: Antara

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