Quality of Life of Indonesian People Rise in Classes, Papua Rises the Fastest

The quality of life of Indonesian people going up in class. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that Indonesia’s Human Development Index (HDI) in 2019 was 71.39 points, up 0.58 points compared to the previous year.

“For the HDI we use the UNDP standard, where if the HDI is below 60 is considered low, 60-70 medium growth rates. The high growth rate is 71-80. It means that currently the Indonesian HDI is in a high position,” said Head of BPS, Suhariyanto when meet at his office, Jakarta, Monday (4/15/2019).

According to the man who is familiarly called Kecuk, the increase occurred in all provinces in Indonesia. Thus, the national HDI average rises from the medium to high HDI category.

He said, Papua was the province with the highest HDI growth. The Provincial HDI in Eastern Indonesia grew 1.64 points to 60.06. Thus, Papua rises to the province with a moderate HDI category, from the previous low.

“The highest HDI is of course DKI, which is the lowest in Papua. But the news that has given this 2018, Papua’s HDI is in the moderate category. Almost all provinces are in the medium, high category. Only DKI is very high,” he said.

Judging from its components, life expectancy at birth increased to 71.20 years in 2018, from 71.06 in the previous year. The average length of school also increased, to 8.17 in 2018, from 8.10 in the previous year.

“Per capita spending also grew 3.70 percent, to Rp. 11.6 million per year,” Kecuk said.

Source: inews.id

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