April 15, 2019

South Sorong is the Best in Managing Village Funds in West Papua

Management of village funds in South Sorong Regency (Sorsel) is considered the best compared to 12 districts / cities in other West Papua Provinces. The head of the regional office of the Directorate General of Treasury of West Papua, Arif Wibawa in Manokwari, on Monday, said that from the administrative side, South Korea was considered quite orderly. The implementation and reporting was carried out on time. After Sorsel, another area that

West Papua is Ready to Succeed Elections on April 17, 2019

West Papua Province is ready to succeed in the implementation of presidential and legislative elections on April 17, 2019. The preparation has been carried out long ago and currently has reached 98 percent, remaining, 2 percent. This was conveyed by the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan when leading an rally with all the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), Satpol-PP, Linmas in the West Papua Provincial Government and the Manokwari Regency

Quality of Life of Indonesian People Rise in Classes, Papua Rises the Fastest

The quality of life of Indonesian people going up in class. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that Indonesia’s Human Development Index (HDI) in 2019 was 71.39 points, up 0.58 points compared to the previous year. “For the HDI we use the UNDP standard, where if the HDI is below 60 is considered low, 60-70 medium growth rates. The high growth rate is 71-80. It means that currently the Indonesian HDI