April 2019

Indonesia Increases Access to Commodity Exports to PNG

This meeting was an important momentum because part of the consistency of the two countries as a venue for strengthening cooperation in encouraging the export capacity of Indonesian agricultural commodities to PNG countries. The agreements include the application of animal health, plants, fish and food security in promoting agricultural products, harmonization of rules and recommendations based on the agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the implementation of Sanitary

West Papua Prohibits Shelter and Road Projects in the Sagu Forest Area

The Papua Provincial Government has banned the issuance of permits for development in the sago forest area, especially those in Jayapura Regency. Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal, said the reason for the ban was the opening of new land for housing construction and the opening of the road was increasingly widespread, so that natural sago land was threatened with loss or extinction. “For that, we ask the Jayapura Regency

OJK Officially Opens the First Micro Waqf Bank in West Papua

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) inaugurates the first micro waqf bank in West Papua, the Honai Sejahtera Papua Micro Waqf Bank, to provide financial access for small business actors who cannot get access to financing from banks. “Hopefully the presence of a micro waqf bank can provide encouragement and improve the welfare of the people in (West) Papua,” said OJK Board of Commissioners Chairman Wimboh Santoso in delivering remarks on