Get to Know the Holtekamp Bridge, Jokowi’s Great Work in West Papua

Director General of Highways of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works, Sugiyartanto, said that the construction of the Holtekamp Bridge project that connects Jayapura City and Muara Tami District in Papua Province was almost completed and would immediatelyinauguratedin March 2019.

President Joko Widodo changed flights to West Papua to inaugurate the bridge which requires more than Rp1 trillion more construction costs in March 2019. The bridge said to be a new icon of the Papua Province.

Construction of the Holtekamp Bridge has begun since May 9, 2015. The laying of the first stone of the bridge was done directly by Jokowi. The construction was originally flown and operated in December 2018 ago, but various difficulties caused delays in repairs.

The length of the main span of 400 meters is added to the 332 meter approach bridge consisting of 33 approaching meters from Hamadi Direction and 299 meters from Holtekamp Directions, so that the total bridge is 733 meters long, 21 meters wide bridge consisting of 4 lanes 2 Directions equipped with road median. Making the Holtekamp Bridge the longest and widest span box bridge in Indonesia. of the bridge will cut travel time from Jayapura to the Skouw bridge, from 2.5 hours to 60 minutes. Bridge construction can also last up to 100 years to come.

Currently under construction, the Holtekamp Bridge has split two registrations at once. The Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) gives awards to the Directorate General of Highways at the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), which has succeeded in reaching two new achievements.

This achievement is the completion of the longest delivery of curved steel boxes, as far as Surabaya from Papua. The bridge has a span of 112.5 meters x 2 units and weighs 2,000 tons, assembled by PT PAL.

Delivery of steel bridge frames for the first time in the world. Only the bridge frame was sent and installed partially, but for the Holtekamp Bridge, this is an intact PT PAL factory in Surabaya.

The shipment is also a shipment with the furthest LCT (Barge) steel frame bridge with a total of 3,200 km from Surabaya to Jayapura.

Ahead of its inauguration, the Government of Papua Province plans to replace the Holtekamp Bridge. Because of its position that stretches over Youtefa bay, the name Youtefa Bridge deserves to be proposed as a substitute name. Even so, the discourse on renaming bridges has not yet been followed up.


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