Along the Tambrauw Nature of West Papua

As a West Papua province is fairly young, but the landscape and natural streaks here are as old as other exotic regions in Indonesia. This can be seen in one of the West Papua regions, precisely in Tambrauw District, West Papua.

There are three leading tourist attractions in this place, namely Anenderat Waterfall, War of Aremi Hot Spring, and Bukit Sontiri. All three are located in different districts. Anenderat Waterfall is located in Miyah District, while War Aremi Hot Springs and Sontiri Hill are located in Kebar District.

Quoted by, to reach the location of Sontiri Hill and War of Aremi Hot Water, it takes a journey of less than 30 minutes from Mess Kebar, a lodging place owned by the local government. Whereas to go to Kebar District, tourists have to travel 4-5 hours from Sorong. The best time to visit Sontiri Hill is in the morning. This is where visitors can feel the beautiful beauty of God’s creation that is so beautiful.

The green expanse of grass is always decorated with spider webs every morning, so there is a pretty white color on it. After that, the morning view was seen from the blazing sun which slowly emerged from behind the hill.

Right opposite the Bukit Sontiri, there are Tamrau Mountains which are Tambrauw landmarks. The acres of hillside stretches like a green carpet, not to mention the glow of light that resembles gold, as if adding to the beauty of the hill.

Specially, Sontiri Hill is beautiful at golden time or “golden time”, which is morning and evening. When the sun was about to sink, Sontiri Hill was visited by many residents to spend time waiting for the sun to set.

The next trip is to find a natural oasis in the form of War Aremi Hot Water. His name is still strange to the ear. However, this location is still challenging to explore. Just like other locations, the trip to the location of hot water is not easy.

War Aremi Hot Water is a pond supported by natural stones that look like ordinary rivers. Up close, it can be seen that moisture is produced from warm water. The natural pool is not too deep, only to the knees of an adult. Tourists can enjoy hot water by soaking some or all of their body there.

In the middle of the pond, there are a number of rocks that bring out the foam in the middle, the locals suspect, this foam is the center of hot water. The heat energy produced is sourced from the surrounding geothermal.

All residents there believe this hot tub is a blessing. Because, the pool is far from the location of the crowd and can function as a location to release fatigue. From there, calmness is created perfectly, can be enjoyed with the sound of cool breeze.

To be able to reach Sontiri Hill and War of Aremi Hot Water, tourists need to go through rocky roads with sharp turns that are not easily reached. Required skill and shrewdness in driving a “double cabin” vehicle there.

The distance from Manokwari to Kebar District is around 5 hours while the distance to the Sausapor District is around 4 hours. After being satisfied to worship the beauty of the Miyah District, the journey continued towards Kebar District to see Anenderat Waterfall. It takes about an hour to travel.

To get to this 200 meter high waterfall, visitors must walk along the rocky road and cross the fast-flowing river.

Tourist destinations in Indonesia are indeed excellent for tourists. Not only a favorite for domestic tourists, Indonesia’s natural beauty is also an attraction for foreign tourists. Attention destinations in Indonesia are the eastern part of Indonesia, such as Papua. It’s not a common secret of natural beauty and cultural heritage in Papua is still very thick. There are also many areas that have not been touched even though one of the best snorkeling spots in the world is in Papua, Raja Ampat.

In addition to the beach, there are other interesting destinations that can be visited, namely seeing the bird of paradise at the observation point of Vicirie Forest, Miyah District, and Nunggou Forest in the Sausapor District.

Observing birds of paradise on their homeland is a valuable experience. To enter the bird of paradise observation area, tourists must walk along the forest road for approximately 40 minutes, after which proceed by walking into Nonggou Forest in the Sausapor District.

The ticket price is Rp. 150,000 per person, while the price of a local tour service is Rp. 150,000 for 4 people. A local resident shows a road in the mouth of the forest as a petapakan to a hiding place to see paradise.

The road is a road made by local residents by arranging branches and roots on the ground to form a stepped road. The length of the road taken is about 300 meters with a fairly steep uphill road, reaching 45 degrees.

In contrast, if tourists visit the Vicirie Forest in Miyah, the hiding place to see the paradise is taken in a shorter time. The distance from the car park to the hiding location is only 100 meters with a road that tends to be sloping. For ticket prices, it is the same as the ticket price in the Sausapor District.

The hiding location for those who want to observe birds is made of dry and green trees neatly arranged like wild trees. Between the green leaves that are the place for bird watching. Both at Miyah and Sausapor, there are unwritten rules for tourists who want to see the beauty of the birds of paradise. It is better for tourists to come in the early hours of the morning, at that time it is possible to see more birds.


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