3 Regencies in West Papua Finally Free of Darkness

Three regencies in West Papua, namely Nduga, Mappi, and Intan Jaya, are no longer pitch black. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources handed over a package of Energy-Saving Solar Lights (LTSHE) for the three regions.

ESDM Director General of Electricity, Rida Mulyana, revealed that his party provided 28,093 LTSHE packages in the three districts in West Papua. The details, Nduga received 12,478 units, Mappi 1,303 units, and Intan Jaya 14,312 units.

“The LTHSE program aims to provide energy access for all Indonesian people, especially for people who have not enjoyed electricity. With the presence of LTSHE, the people of Ndunga, Mappi and Intan Jaya are now bright at night,” Rida said in a written statement Wednesday (13 / 3/2019).

According to Rida, solar lights will be distributed to beneficiaries in the border areas, disadvantaged areas, isolated areas and front islands or far from the reach of the National Electric Company . The LTSHE program is not an aid to the community, but a form of returning people’s rights.

“Hopefully, the lights that are delivered can be utilized to the maximum and their use is maintained,” he said.

Rida revealed, until the end of 2018 free solar lights had been distributed to 172,996 homes in 16 provinces. While for 2019, it is planned that free solar lights will be delivered to 98,481 houses in the 3T area (leading, outermost, and left behind).

Source: investing.com

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