West Papua Provincial Government Evaluates the Realization of TPP 2018

The Government of West Papua Province evaluates the implementation of the additional income allowance (TPP) in 2019 for all state civil servants (ASN) in the area.

“From year to year, the indicators for giving TPP must be increased. This is to encourage the quality of service of the local government,” said West Papua Regional Secretary Nataniel Mandacan in Manokwari on Friday.

On Friday (3/15), the Regional Secretary held a meeting with a number of related regional organizations (OPD). It was conducted to evaluate the implementation of TPP from budget to employee discipline.

According to Nataniel, TPP was given to improve discipline and performance of all ASNs. He wanted the budget released by the government to pay for the support to be effective.

In the first year of the TPP implementation, said Nataniel, the TPP assessment indicator was still based on attendance. In the second year, namely 2019, the indicator will be increased.

“It is not just joining apples and datanf to the office, but what they do while they are in the office will also be assessed and affect the amount of benefits they receive,” said the Regional Secretary again.

In addition to giving effect to discipline and welfare for employees, continued Nataniel, the implementation of the TPP was also to reduce the potential for corruption within the West Papua Provincial Government. He hopes that the entire ASN is responsible for its role as a government apparatus.

“You can get a salary, you can get TPP as well as other benefits, don’t do corruption anymore. The budget for the activity will be used accordingly, don’t cut it for this and that reason,” said Sekda.

Regarding the TPP for high school / vocational high school teachers, the lowest compared to other ASNs in the government, according to him, will also be a discussion on this evaluation. He did not yet know whether the increase needed to be made to the teacher TPP.

“We give it that way because in addition to TPP, they have also received additional income from teacher certification. If the two are combined the value is the same as the structural ASN in the West Papua Provincial Government,” he concluded.

Source: antaranews.com

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