JK about KKB: The Operation is Enhanced, but Not the Emergence

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) said the operation status of the crackdown on armed criminal groups ( KKB ) in West Papua must be increased. But increasing the status of the operation does not mean in an emergency.

“The operation (crackdown on the West Papua KKB) must certainly be improved, but that does not mean that it must be (upgraded to become an emergency),” JK said at his office, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (03/12/2019).

The demand that the status of the Papuan KKB be eradicated was raised after three TNI members were killed in a shootout with the KKB led by Egianus Kogoya in Mugi District, Nduga, Papua, on Thursday (7/3). According to JK, the proposal to increase the status of the operation depends on the consideration of the TNI-Polri.

“Yes, of course, of course, but this depends on the consideration of the TNI and Police. Because this (the West Papua KKB) is a guerrilla character, it is a guerrilla, it is terrorizing people, the community,” he said.

Asked about the way that the West Papua KKB could be stopped by the negotiating path and gave an offer, JK reiterated that the government had granted special autonomy to West Papua.

“All of West Papua has been given. In terms of government policy, it is more federal than (federal) system. Because if (federal) system in America, Texas people can still be governors in California, or vice versa. But in West Papua, which can be governor,The regent, it is only (people) native to West Papua. That autonomy is granted,” explained JK.

In addition, the government provided large funds to West Papua. If compared to other regions, per capita funds in West Papua are greater.

“Where else (greater)? On Java, in Sulawesi, the highest is an average of Rp. 2 million per capita. There (West Papua) can be Rp. 10 (million). Because the budget given there is almost Rp. 100 trillion, “said JK.

“(West) Papua’s income is approximately Rp. 18 trillion, which is received by the government. It is given Rp. 100 trillion. So from the political side it has provided, what is the economic side, what do you have left?” continued JK.

For this reason, JK said there were no more negotiations carried out for Papua, specifically related to the KKB.

“It means that all if we negotiate anything, there is nothing else that can be negotiated, except independence. And the realization (independence) cannot be done,” he said.

Source: detik.com

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