West Papua is Determined to Preserve Nature for Posterity

The development paradigm carried out by the West Papua Province government is currently claimed as an effort to ensure people’s welfare in a sustainable manner.

The West Papua Regional Secretary, Nataniel Mandacan in Manokwari, said Wednesday that West Papua has been declared a conservation province. This is the effort of the regional government to preserve the environment and all natural resource potential (SDA).

The establishment of conservation provinces, continued the Secretary, is the beginning of the implementation of sustainable development in the area.

“Local governments want to manage natural resources in an integrated and responsible manner, enforcing the law on the exploitation of natural resources that are destructive and detrimental to the long term,” said the Regional Secretary.

According to him, all parties including the community component must work together to maintain natural balance. Natural resources both on land and sea must be maintained for generations of West Papuans in the future.

“There must be cooperation, otherwise nature will be damaged. What we see and feel today is only a story for our children and grandchildren in the next few years, not to be like that,” he said again, related to security and law enforcement related to management and utilization. SDA, he said, the West Papua Provincial Government is committed to supporting the authorities, both the police and prosecutors, including the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

He also hoped that there would be a synergy between law enforcers for violations in the waters and fisheries that began from the shipping channel, all forms of licensing, establishment of conservation areas to supervision.

” One prevention strategy is to support joint patrols at sea. “It must be done in a watershed conservation area,” he said again.

Source: antaranews.com

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