The Indonesian Program in the Bright Northern Lane of Wondama is Accelerated

Construction of the electricity network in the Indonesia Bright program in the northern lane of Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua, continues to accelerate.

The installation of the network by PT PLN (Persero) was carried out in two directions, namely from Aisandami, the Gulf Duari District Capital to Sobei and from Sobei to Dotir Village, Wasior District.

Head of the Department of Industry and Trade of Teluk Wondama, Ekbertson Karubuy, in Wasior, Tuesday, explained that for the Aisandami-Sobei line the installation of the pole and the cable had almost been completed. While from Sobei to Dotir, the pole has stood just waiting for the cable installation.

“We continue to coordinate with PLN, the work can be completed in May. So I would expect in the month of August we’ve been able to connect the electric sign. Maybe in August, the anniversary of Indonesia so a birthday present ones,” said Ekber.

He said supply electricity to the north will use the generator generator owned by the Wondama regency located in Manopi, the regency has established cooperation with the state-owned electricity company PT PLN to manage electricity in the city of Wasior and its surroundings with a profit sharing system per KWh

We are only coordinating so that it can be faster. But we expect that August will be able to connect because this year we have already budgeted the installation of prepaid meters,” said Ekber.

The Regent of Teluk Wondama, Bernadus Imburi, on an earlier occasion determined that all regions in this district could access information. Selian supports the fulfillment of basic service quality, this is to encourage the growth of new businesses for the community.

Imburi targets areas in the northern suburbs of Wasior and the south to enjoy electricity in 2019. Wondama Regency Government will work hard so that this area becomes a priority for information programs implemented by the central government.

“Likewise, in the outer districts, it is expected that through the Bright Indonesia program, all villages can be permanently accessed by electricity,” Imburi said at the time.


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