February 2019

Freeport Indonesia Estimates that the Potential of Mines in West Papua Can Exceed in 2041

PT Freeport Indonesia estimates that the potential of mining reserves and resources in West Papua can still be mined beyond 2041. “These are temporary estimates. We estimate that there are reserves that can be mined by tens of years. If there are More resources that can be used as reserves can be added again. But basically the reserves and resources that are there can be mined beyond 2041, “PT Freeport

Government Adds One Price of Fuel Distributor in West Papua

The government added one distributor of the One-Price Fuel Oil (BBM) in West Papua, precisely in Dosumo Village, Abenaho District, Yalimo Regency. This distributor is the 22nd BBM price point in West Papua since 2016. Head of the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas) M Fanshrullah Asa said, up to now there are 133 points of the One-Price BBM points operating throughout Indonesia. Until the end of 2019, the One-Price

Wondama Bay Arranges the Aitumeiri Hill Spiritual Site

Teluk Wondama District Government, West Papua, will soon organize the Aitumeiri Hill spiritual site. Various parties have pushed for a long time the arrangement of the Aitumeiri Hill spiritual site, but until now it has not been realized. Head of the Teluk Wondama Culture and Tourism Office, Frans Mosafa in Wasior said on Tuesday the Regional Government had designed the design for the development of Aitumieri. Even the detailed engineering design