Jokowi Appoints Indonesian Ambassador to Papua New Guinea to North Korea

Jokowi Lantik Dubes RI untuk Papua Nugini hingga Korea Utara

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) appoints ambassadors to friendly countries. The inauguration took place after Jokowi appointed the Governor of East Java and the Governor of Jambi.

The inauguration was held at the State Palace, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (02/13/2019). Appointment of ambassadors is based on Presidential Decree Number 17 / P of 2019, which is set for 12 February 2019.

Jokowi then led the oath reading. Occupation vows are taken in Islam and Christian / Catholic terms. After reading the oath of office, the forward ambassadors signed the minutes of the inauguration.

Jokowi also took time to shake hands. The greeting session was held in conjunction with East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa and Jambi Governor Fachrori Umar.

Following are the ambassadors appointed by Jokowi:

1. Andriana Supandi was appointed as the Indonesian Ambassador to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, based in Port Moresby

2. Mochammad Chandra Widya Yudha as Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia concurrently Montenegro, domiciled in Belgrade.

3. Hasrul Azwar MM as the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, domiciled in Rabat.

4. Berlian Napitupulu as the Indonesian Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, based in Pyongyang.

5. Kenssy Dwi Ekaningsih as the Indonesian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, based in Prague. (dkp / rvk)


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