TNI is Ready to Continue the Construction of the Trans Papua Road

Commander of the Regional Military Command (Pangdam) XVII / Cenderawasih Maj. Gen. Yosua Pandit Sembiring said that his personnel were ready to continue the construction of the Trans Papua road that passed in Nduga Regency.

“TNI is ready,” he said in Jayapura City on Friday, answering questions about how the TNI was prepared to continue the construction of the Trans Papua road in Nduga.

Until now, his party is awaiting the results of coordination between stakeholders and TNI Headquarters, so that the road construction will be carried out immediately.

“Yes, this is continued. Now the Ministry of PUPR, including the contractor of BUMN, such as PT Istaka, PP and others, is coordinating with the TNI Headquarters,” he said.

The coordination, he said, of course discussed the technical implementation in the field so that the work in question could be finished immediately.

“Well, maybe the reporters see that something is just being moved, oh it’s not like that. Especially when it comes to the transfer of personnel from one place to another, then the infrastructure for personnel and others, but clearly it continues,” he said.

He mentioned the need for strong coordination to continue the construction of the road.

“This is a problem after how the coordination between the Ministry of PUPR and the TNI Headquarters. The Cenderawasih Regional Military Command was ready to wake up,” he said.


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