Residents of Mbua Want the Construction of the Trans-Papua Road to Continue

The residents of Mbua Village, Mbua District, Nduga Regency, Papua Province, want the construction of the TransPapua road to continue after the violence in early December 2018.

The head of Mbua Patianus Lokbere village in Mbua on Monday said the construction of the Trans-Papua road would open various other types of development access.

“We here want development in all fields, both roads and housing,” he said after the Christmas service together to celebrate the celebration of Christmas December 25, 2018 centered on the Church of the Gospel of Kingmi Imanuel congregation, Klua Mbua, Mbua Village.

According to him, Mbua residents want to feel the same development as other districts in Nduga, or with other districts in the central mountains of West Papua.

“We also want there to be vehicles that enter here, we want to be like in Wamena, Jayawijaya,” he said.

Furthermore, Patianus said that the development carried out was a good thing to keep an eye on the security forces so that there would be no violence as early as this month.

“The military and police must monitor the development. Because we want to move forward like other regions, we don’t want development to be hampered, we want children to go to school and get better education,” said Patianus Lokbere.

Meanwhile, religious leaders from Kingmi Mbua Pastor Nataniel Tabuni’s Church hoped that President Joko Widodo could see the problems that occurred in Nduga.

“The hope is that Mr. Jokowi can see us, the problems faced by citizens because Nduga is also part of Indonesia, needs good development,” he said.

Regarding the violence that occurred at the beginning of this month, Nataniel hoped that this would not happen again because many civilians were victims, both Trans-Papua road workers and local residents.

“Here there are three residents who were affected by violence, this was discovered by an investigation team led by Deputy Regent Nduga and representatives of the people. We want peace, ask the interested parties to prioritize common interests, keep peace at Christmas,” he said.


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